Advantages of General insurance

The benefits of a general insurance policy may be enumerated as below:

  • Health and medical insurance policies take care of the costs of medical treatments
  • Pet insurance policies are necessary for taking care of important costs associated with the pets
  • Accident insurance policies are helpful when it comes to costs associated with accidents
  • Home insurance policies help in securing the home against various forms of dangers like fires and natural calamities
  • Motor vehicle insurance plans account for the expenses incurred in repairing a vehicle damaged in an accident
  • Unemployment insurance comes in handy in case the insured loses his or her job
  • Travel insurance plans help to deal with costs resulting out of unfortunate and serious situations while traveling outside the country
  • Personal liability policies take care of any issues arising while doing one’s job

 We provide assistance for below General Insurances,

  • 1. Health Insurance

  • 2. Vehicle Insurance

  • 3. Personal Accident Insurance

  • 4. Household Insurance

  • 5. Fire Insurance

  • 6. Workmen Compensation

  • 7. Shop Insurance

  • 8. Godown Insurance

  • 9. Factory Insurance

  • 10. Earthquake Insurance

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